Tactical Tracking Operations School


Tactical Tracking Operations School

TTOS has been providing visual tracking training since 1994. TTOS specializes in its own unique and proven Modern Combat and Visual tracking system and instructional methodology, teaching both individual and team tracking skills.

TTOS has researched and developed innovative Visual Tracking techniques which have application in military and law enforcement operational situations. Using these highly effective techniques, TTOS-trained trackers have excelled in operational theatres world-wide.

TTOS offers classes using Mobile Training Teams (MTT) which can deploy to students and their organization’s locations to instruct, consult, and advise. TTOS visual tracking techniques can be used in any type of terrain, from mountains to jungle, from desert to tundra, cities to wilderness, day and night. TTOS’ instructional ability is based upon many years of its cumulative experience by its instructional staff. TTOS instructors come from a wide variety of military and law enforcement backgrounds, and have conducted classes for military personnel from every branch of service—as well as federal, state, local and corrections agencies throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world.

TTOS instructors have trained trackers who have subsequently conducted many successful follow-ups, hunting down armed and dangerous criminals, smugglers, narcotics traffickers, fugitives and illegal border-crossers in addition to collecting evidence crucial to the prosecution of numerous dangerous felons. Military personnel taught by TTOS have successfully tracked and engaged insurgents and their networks, located IED-making materials, successfully countered ambushes, located arms caches, closed down routes of infiltration and gathered timely, tactical intelligence vital to the local ground situation in several operational areas. Law Enforcement trackers have also been instrumental in the recovery of crime scene evidence and suspects, recovered escaped inmates and fugitives, found lost children, tourists and hikers.

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