Executive Security International

Combat Pistol, Covert Entry & Surveillance, Executive Protection, Tactical Driving

Intelligence Based Training Academy Executive Protection, PSD Protective Operations and Protective Intelligence

ESI is approved by the Colorado Office of Veterans Education and Training
(COVET) for Veterans Education and Training Benefits.
ESI is also eligible for MyCAA – Financial Assistance to Military Spouses

Training since 1980, ESI is the oldest intelligence based Executive Protection, Bodyguard Training Academy in the world. ESI offers 2000 hours of peer reviewed curriculum including the Colorado Department of Education Approved Certification Programs for Protection and Security Specialist in PSD Protective Operations, Executive Protection, Protective Intelligence and Investigation. For those who have limited time, ESI also offers a 10-Day Corporate Executive Protection course. ESI’s Premier Program, Security Specialist, combines our core training curriculum in intelligence and protection into one integrated program. A student may enroll at any time in a combination of Distance Education, nine independent study courses completed at home, and 10 or 15-Days of Resident Training in Colorado.

What distinguishes ESI from any other security training organization is the following: ESI TRAINS TO A STANDARD, which means that students receive an ESI Credential based on performance not for presence in a classroom. All aspects of training at ESI are evaluated by passing team and individual scheduled testing in hard and soft skills. Regardless of background, the student is asked to demonstrate comprehension of the skill-sets taught in practical exercises and instruction.

All ESI Certificate programs are approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Private Occupational School Board. The ESI Credential i.e. Certified Protection Specialist C.P.S. is earned by performance.

Students enroll in ESI’s programs from all over the world, and outside the U.S. Secret Service or State Department, no other training organization teaches bodyguards, protection specialist or protective intelligence to such a high standard as does ESI.

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