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If you sincerely believe that a week or ten days of training is sufficient to enter the high powered world of top end Executive Protection or that this is a “fun” or “glamorous” profession, you are looking at the wrong web site. However, if you have a burning desire to do something real with your life that may make a difference in this world, are self motivated, and are prepared to work your butt off in order to receive some of the premiere training in the EP field, then look no further.

We do not utilize simunitions, paintball or blank ammunition. Every round you fire, from day one, is live. As a candidate, you will be challenged, stressed, and mentally pushed to your maximum capacity in the goal of becoming the consummate professional in 29 days. We all eat, work, and sleep under the same roof… other words you live it 24/7 for the duration. Frankly, the failure rate is sometimes ugly.

But the rewards are great. We have graduates working witness protection programs in the Congo, trainers in Iraq, and PSD in Afghanistan. The Australian Army, the European Union, and the Singapore Secret Service have all passed through our doors, along with a number of US government entities. We have also graduated absolute neophytes who, several years later, are clearing multiple six figures in Afghanistan. We are, in short, all over the world. We are a small, happy, and very close group of operators who plan to keep it that way.   That’s right, we, for all of the instructors are graduates as well.

We accept a total of 6-8 students, with 3-4 instructors, for a month long immersion program.  Regardless of background, if you have the smarts, the drive, and the desire to work with professionals in an environment that feels more like a family than a business, we would like to hear from you. Thanks for reading.

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